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Motorsports Ramblings - Complete Index

One of the irritating little flaws of Blogger is that its really not very easy to selectively find old posts in individual blogs.

This page serves as an index of all articles to be found on Motorsports Ramblings

May 2010

- At the Jim Clark Rally

Electric Dreams
- The future of motor racing?

Looking Ahead -
Who will be where in 2010?

GP2: Winning down to an ART?

April 2010

The Rise, Fall, Resurrection and Downfall of Donington Park
- Simon Gillet's fault? Or Bernie's? Whatever, it's a crying shame

Mid-life Crisis?
- Thoughts on Michael Schumacher's comeback

Worth a thousand words
- Photographs, obviously.

Going through Church on Sunday
- Watching the BTCC at Thruxton

March 2010

Received Wisdom
- What is really the best way to create overtaking opportunities?

Made for Television
- Does a rally championship created by a sports-broadcaster result in better telly?

- A soporific season-opener in Bahrain

Formula 1 2010: A Golden Age?
- Season preview

Motorsport on the web
- The quiet revolution in F1 journalism

February 2010

New Kids on the Block
- F1's rookies assessed

Money Talks
- How does a junior drive make it to F1 without a wad of cash?

Up and coming
- GP2 Asia in Abu Dhabi

Champion versus Champion
- Button versus Hamilton

January 2010

Winning is Not Enough - Book Review
- Jackie Stewart's autobiography

Show Business
- A trip to the NEC

Turning the Corner?
- Is rallying finally emerging from a long fallow period

One Last Time
- Michael Schumacher can't resist coming back for more

December 2009

Unanswerable Questions
- Who was the greatest of them all?

When Good Isn't Good Enough
- Giancarlo Fisichella bows out

Kimi's New Challenge
- Raikkonen goes rallying

Winter Testing
- Some thoughts on the young driver test at Jerez

November 2009

Road Trip
- Reminiscing about a hitch-hike down to Spa for the 1999 Belgian GP

Motorsports Ramblings Top 10 of 2009

Every dog has it's day: F1 in Review
- Part Two

October 2009

From Zeroes to Heroes: F1 in Review
- Part One

Loeb makes it six from six
- WRC 2009 in review

Button: 10th Champion at the 10th attempt
- Jenson claims the UK's tenth title

Waving the Saltire
- Scottish motorsport

The Incredible Hulk -
GP2 in review

September 2009

Night Riders
- Thoughts on Singapore

Remembering Group C
- Beautiful racing cars, interesting kit...

Resurrection man
- The remarkable turn-around of Rubens Barrichello

Wagging the dog
- Why does Bernie want to promote Karun Chandhok?

Tales of the unexpected
- But do they quite match the Force India fighting for victory at Spa?

August 2009

Losing the edge
- the travails of Luca Badoer

Nearly was, almost ran...
- F1 drivers who didn't quite make the grade

After the deluge
- IRL post-reunification

Nothing but a number?
- How old is too old to be a GP winner?

July 2009

Straws in the wind
- Where now for Ferrari?

Coming Second
- Those who never quite made the ranks of GP winner

Last Chance Saloon
- Mark Webber finally breaks his duck

On two wheels
- a trip to the British Superbikes

June 2009

Who's up? Who's down?
Who's getting the job done in 2009?

Formula Two: The Way Ahead, or a Dead End?
- Max Mosley's brainchild is born

May 2009

Street Fighting Men
- Monaco masters

The Ghost of ProCar
- How Bernie's stillborn idea inspired the DTM

The Young Pretenders
- GP2 kicks off again

Fantasy F1
- What the F1 calendar should look like

April 2009

Tortoises and Hares
- Will being quick out of the blocks be enough in the race for the '09 title?

The Quiet Champion
- Jim Clark

Racing through the recession
- How is the downturn affecting the sport?

Brawn spring a surprise -
Button's Australian triumph

March 2009

A step into the unknown - F1 2009
- season preview

Loeb's Half Century and the state of rallying
- Who exactly is Sebastien beating?

- Webber vs. Vettel

Catching up with A1GP -
Thoughts on the 'world cup of motorsport'

February 2009

Life after F1
- What do F1 drivers do when they retire?

Racing as testing
- What is the point of GP2 Asia?

Sticking with what you know
- Sebastien Bourdais gets another crack of the whip

You pay's your money...
- Are the world's best racing drivers worth the millions they're paid?

January 2009

The Future of Rallying?
- The IRC does the Monte

On Beauty
- The best looking racing cars of the last 30 years

What Goes Around Comes Around
- Remember when it was Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone who were taking on the powers that be?

- Motorsport Magazine's solution to my storage problems

December 2008

Race of Champions
- Motorsport's coming home...

2008 - Some Personal Highlights
- From a clubbie at Knockhill to the Italian Grand Prix, my memories of the year

November 2008

Top 10 Drivers 2008
- Ahead of the Autocourse list, as per usual

A Comedy of Errors
- The 2008 F1 Title Battle

October 2008

David Coulthard's Final Hurrah
- Looking back on the veteran Scot's career

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
- The mess that is F1 stewarding

A Golden Age?
- Is the 2008 F1 grid the best there's ever been?

Book Review - Crashed And Byrned - The Greatest Racing Driver You Never Saw - Tommy Byrne's incredible story

September 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed...
- GP2 2008 in review

A Breath of Fresh Air
- Celebrating Sebastien Vettel's Italian triumph

Being There
- A trip to the Belgian Grand Prix

Those who can, do...
On karting

August 2008

The 2009 Rules: A Blessing or a KERS?
Will the FIA's moves to improve the racing actually work?

Street Fighting
- F1 visits the docks of Valencia

Iconic Cars: The Final Part of the Series
- The Sierra RS Cosworth

Two 'til the end?
- Pantano versus Senna in GP2

July 2008

- Which championship produces better racing?

Domenicali's Dilemma
- To back Raikkonen or Massa?

No Room at the Inn
- There are many more potential F1 drivers than vacant seats

A Race in the Park?
- Is the British Grand Prix really going to Donington? And should it?

June 2008

First You've got to be Good...
- Massa and Raikkonen's contrasting fortunes

Iconic Cars: The Second in an Occasional Series
Porsche's 962

All Day And All Of The Night
- Le Mans preview

- The cult of the fan

May 2008

Wheels Within Wheels
- Who stood to gain from Max Mosley's downfall?

Old Age And Experience...
- Martin Brundle takes on his son in a Formula Palmer-Audi

Iconic Cars: The First In An Occasional Series
- Austin Rover's monstrous Metro

The End Of The Road
- Aguri Suzuki's F1 dream hits the buffers

April 2008

Reading the Runes
- Where do things stand in the battle between Ferrari, Mclaren and BMW?

GP2 2008 Preview: Winning Down to an ART?
- Who will join Rosberg, Hamilton and Glock?

Grand Touring
-A trip to the British GT Championship

Romain Conquest
- Review of the inaugural GP2 Asia Series

David Leslie - In Memory of a Proper Racer
- Tribute to the Scots driver killed in an air crash in Kent.

March 2008

Back to Basics
- The Speedcar Series

Known Unknowns
- Reflections on the opening round at Melbourne

Formula 1 2008 - Raikkonen for the double?
- Or will it be Lewis' year? Or even Kovalainen's?

The Damage Done
- Can the newly reunited Indycar Series recover from a ten year feud?

February 2008

The Last Road Race
- Review of Richard Williams' account of the 1957 race at Pescara

Equality before the law?
- Is the FIA really Ferrari International Assistance?

A Record Tumbles
- Jari Matti Latvala becomes the youngest ever WRC winner

The Idiot Fringe
- The F1 Racism row

January 2008

Awaking from a winter slumber
- The Asian GP2 series begins

The second (placed) sex?
- Female racing drivers

The Trap- The difficulties of creating a workable rule set for Formula 1

When your time is up - Facing up to retirement - Ralf Schumacher and Alex Wurz

December 2007

The jigsaw falls into place
- Alonso and Kovalainen swap places. Cui Bono?

Goodbye Nigel
- Mr Roebuck takes his leave of Autosport after 30 years.

The Schumacher of the stages and the Young Pretenders
- With Marcus Gronholm gone, who will challenge Sebastien Loeb?

Life Stories
- 10 Lewis Hamilton biographies... Why none for the man who actually won the title?

November 2007

A Mad World
- What on earth is Fairuz Fauzy being given an F1 test for?

Park Life
- Memories of Oulton Park

Stranger than fiction
- Motorsport on the silver screen and the printed page.

October 2007

The Motorsports Ramblings Top 10 2007 - My top 10 from the F1 season. (Published before Nigel Roebuck's very similar list, I might add).

The Narrowest of Margins
- How Kimi Raikkonen snatched the F1 world title

Who You Know - The Nakajimas

September 2007

A Muddled Formula
- The Silverstone 1000kms, thoughts on the rulebook.

Remembering Colin
- Memories of the Scottish World Rally Champion

Lawyers At Dawn
- The spy scandal

Guilty Pleasures
- A trip to Knockhill for the BTCC

August 2007

Trusting to Luck
- The GP2 title battle and the role of chance

Fuellish Thoughts
- The Campaign against refuelling

The Long Way Round - People who got to Formula 1, eventually

C'est La Guerre...
The falling out between Hamilton and Alonso has an air of inevitability about it

July 2007

Talking The Talk
- On Commentary

Book Review - The Grand Prix Saboteurs - By Joe Saward

A delicate balance - More on how the 2007 title battle is developing

The March of Time
- The beginnings of the F1 World Championship

Au Revoir, Magny Cours - The strange death of French motorsport

June 2007

Rumours - Stirrings in the F1 driver market

Champ Car and GP2 - Observations from the opening races

The Mountain Kings
- A trip to the Isle of Man TT

May 2007

Les autres - F1 newcomers whose names aren't Lewis or Hamilton

Bernie Ecclestone, Silverstone and Third World Follies - Who the hell cares if the facilities are ropey? The track's great

The curious case of Felipe Massa
- Howe did the Brazilian suddenly emerge as a title contender?
Field of dreams - The Nordschliefe and the Mountain Course

How to go motor racing - Seven tips for car industry executives contemplating an F1 programme

April 2007

Authenticity and Entertainment - Irking the purists

The black round things
- How big a role are tyres playing in the 2007 championship battle?

Up against the ropes, but still fighting - Thoughts on the Champ Car 2007 season

GP2 2007 - Back down to earth?
- Season preview which questions where the next Rosberg or Hamilton will come from

March 2007

Class War - The Sebring 12 Hours and the Audi vs the Porsche controversy

Mind Games - Thoughts on the Australian Grand Prix

Tales of the unexpected - Surprise results and wild swings in form

F1 2007: Mclaren vs Ferrari, Alonso vs Raikkonen? - Season preview

February 2007

Going green?
- F1 and the environmental movement

Once in a lifetime?
- A remarkable performance from Mikko Hirvonen

The strange world of A1GP, customer cars and the importance of preparation
- Why don't spec formulae result in close racing?

Customer Service
- Will 'B' Teams destroy F1 as we know it?

January 2007

Night and Day
- The Daytona 24 Hours and the state of sportscar racing

Green Shoots of Recovery? -
Are there reasons to think the WRC is on the upswing?

Grand Slams and Quadruple Crowns
- Villeneuve Goes to Le Mans

In the spirit of the pioneers
- The appeal of the Dakar Rally

US Open Wheel Racing - Time to bash some heads together
- What do we want? Reunification. When do we want it? Now.

December 2006

A New Dawn? -
Looking forward to 2007

Book Review - Mille Miglia - By Mike Lawrence

A dose of unreality
- Simulated motor racing

RAC Rally Reminisces -
From the days before the FIA ruined rallying

November 2006

Why I'm A Motorsports Fan - Part II
- More on why I have the bug...

Easily Bourdais - Champ Car in Review
- How Sebastien steamrollered the opposition

Better than they appeared?
- The cars whose full potential we never saw

Doing the maths - A reprise
- More statistical analysis of race pace

October 2006

Top 10 of 2006
- My 10 most impressive F1 drivers of the season

The Write Stuff
- Some thoughts on motorsports journalism

A Pole in a very promising position
- Introducing Robert Kubica

How Schumacher beat himself
- Why Alonso deserved the World Title

September 2006

GP2 review - Hamilton at a Canter
- How Lewis took the GP2 title

Book Review - Archie and the Listers
- Robert Edwards' biography of Archie Scott-Brown

Thoughts on Michael Schumacher
- Following the announcement of his retirement

Street racers
- Touring cars on the roads of the Capital

August 2006

A Curio
- The Life W12 - F1's worst car?

Splashing Around
- Thoughts on the Hungarian Grand Prix

A Sillier Season Than Usual
- Crystal ball gazing regarding the 2007 driver line-up

July 2006

A Valiant Failure - Attempting Le Mans Single-Handed
- Pierre Levegh's quixotic mission

Monty This Seems Strange To Me...
- Juan Pablo's unexpected exit from Mclaren

June 2006

Who the hell is Derek Hayes
? - The thin line between success and failure

Lewis Hamilton: The Next Ayrton Senna or the Next Jan Magnussen
- The dangers of jumping to conclusions

Ripping the heart out of the World Rally Championship
- More on where the WRC has gone wrong

A Most Unprofessional Foul
- Schumacher at Monaco

May 2006

Doing the Maths
- Statistical analysis of who's quick in 2006

The Old Guard's Last Stand?
- Is F1 on the verge of a youth revolution?

Can anyone catch Alonso?
- Thoughts on the F1 season so far

April 2006

A Lack of Support
- Why aren't the support cards at Grands Prix more interesting?

Big Open Single Seaters
- Thoughts on the opening rounds of the Champ Car World Series and the GP2 Championship

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
- Review of the first A1GP season

Piers Courage - Last of the Gentleman Racers - By Adam Cooper
- Book review

March 2006

Why I'm a Motorsports Fan
- The first in an occasional series

No way to run a racing team
- Why Toyota won't be winning any time soon

Family Affairs
- A few thoughts on motor-racing dynasties

Here we go again.....F1 2006
- Grand Prix Season preview

February 2006

GP2 - A Most Enticing Prospect
- Looking forward to the 2006 GP2 championship

Rossi - The Real Deal?
- Could Valentino really make the switch to F1?

Stirling Moss - By Robert Edwards
- Book Review

January 2006

What to make of A1GP
- Thoughts on the opening rounds of the 'World Cup of Motorsport'

The strange death of the World Rally Championship?
- Looking at what has gone wrong with the WRC over the past five years

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